Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to the kitchen

After two years of living in the hostel, eating whatever was put on my plate, I finally have once again started cooking for myself, and thankfully the my new kitchen is not something I cannot stretch my hands in, and I don't have an excuse of a gas-cylinder, either. 
I have a nice, stylish looking induction cook-top, (which works marvels, btw. Totally recommend it for the bachelor cook with a hatred for lpg/rationcard hassles) 

It's been a while since I ate my mashed potatoes cooked 'my' way, with a bit of butter, milk, cheese and basil. with scrambled egg, tomatoes and boiled beans on side. It's actually a 30min cook-job, but having one stove-top really slows you down. Can't wait until my rice cooker gets here!

I hope to put on weight eating boiled food, and I really want to start experimenting with meat; But am just wary of the extra hard washing up that comes before, during and time! Ultra-simple quick-cooking recipes without fancy ingredients anyone? 

Either way, am glad of my new place of stay. It's the biggest place I've ever lived in by myself, and it's quite well furnished! Am just grabbing those blessings as they come! 

More to come, fosho!!!


Jon & Jas said...

Welcome back General! Nice to see a post 'par chance' after a looooooong time. Keep those coming, keep the arms stretched out a little longer but dont let the food burn on the 'hinduction' stove, okie?

Samuel Joseph said...

Wow! that was the quickest comment you guys! Yeah... will try and be more consistent this time around! Cheers!