Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ode to a great friend

This is definitely not the first time I've used this platform to appreciate the best things that have happened to my life. Not that putting a friend's name here launches him on to the Hollywood walk of Fame. Guess, this is a way to remind myself (and said friend) years later how special he is. 

Okay, so here's to you, birthday boy, you messy half-crippled, pot-bellied you! Thanks for adding that extra dose of sunshine into my life, (and into the lives of many more, I'm sure). First of all, your amazing resourcefulness when it comes to all things Bangalore, food, first-aid, food, medicine and cooking... Oh, and did I mention, food! Pretty awesome indeed. And now, you're on your way to become an OT scholar too! Not very often you find friends like that.

That said, I've also been really blessed by your extreme concern and helpfulness.
Well, we all know that this helpfulness lies underneath a layers and layers of loud talking, leg pulling, mind-games (they are deep man, but not profound) extremely loud laughter and who can forget the religious protection of the rules of the game, (Pictionary). Well, but still, it's an honor, man, to have gotten to know that helpful, warm-hearted side of you; that love that reveals itself in action more than words. One of the said actions,is making sure I stuff my face every time I go to his place, I guess in an attempt to make sure I left heavier than I came. And of course, there's that brusque honesty that really gives me the perspective I need sometimes. You know what I'm talking about! And then there's the loyalty... Truly, truly a virtue I hope to one day learn from you. 

We have collected quite a few great memories, over the past 2 1/2 years, haven't we? Rides around the city, watching movies on the lappy, downloading loads of ebooks, bleach, hunting for subtitles that just don't work, an awesome trip to Nagaland, with a crazy trek to the mountains that left us both almost in need of stretchers; making, what I think is the longest power-point show ever made, posters, logos, more logos, videos... we really have had some great times. 

But hey, it's your birthday,
and as I said a prayer for you
thanking God for a friend like you, 
I thought I'd write this down for you
So umm... Have an awesome year ahead!


Man, I suck at poetry!

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JBJ said...

:), <3,:D, :D, :D ,:D, :D, :D :') :P - sorry that all of emoticons i know... anyway, there's loads buzzing around in my head and heart. Love, (ME)